WhatsApp 2022: Millions of users affected by major changes

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 18, 2022
Updated 2022/01/18 at 6:22 AM

In Germany, countless people use exactly one app for sending messages, pictures and the like. For 2022, those same people will be able to access a whole range of new ones WhatsApp features to hope. At least five of them have already been determined and are intended to make it easier to use the Messenger operated by Facebook.

5 new features for WhatsApp 2022

There’s a lot to discover on Facebook’s Messenger, including many features for messaging, chatting, groups, and photos. Despite the already large number of upcoming features and improvements, you can assume that WhatsApp 2022 will have much more to offer than the following.

#1 Use WhatsApp on multiple devices from 2022

The “multi-device beta” has been around since last year. This allows you to use WhatsApp on your tablet and cell phone, for example. A total of four devices should be possible at the same time.

What’s new this year: It will no longer be necessary to have your smartphone nearby to use Facebook’s Messenger elsewhere. Only if you don’t access WhatsApp for two weeks should you have to verify yourself again via mobile phone for another connection.

#2 Online status display will be expanded

In order to prevent strangers from receiving too much information about you, WhatsApp 2022 should have an extended selection option for contacts. This allows you to specify exactly who can see your online status on WhatsApp.

#3 Better quality when sending photos

The improvement that Facebook’s Messenger has planned for pictures and videos could be not insignificant. A new filter function for WhatsApp images should offer more options this year. These include, for example, the option to get the best possible quality out of your recordings.

#4 Improved use and operation of voice messages

Anyone who currently wants to listen to a spoken message can only do so in the chat in which it was sent. According to t-online, this should change in the future. A decoupling of voice messages is planned for WhatsApp in 2022. This means that you can listen to them even after leaving the chat. There is also a pause function for the recording.

#5 Expanded group function and admin rights

WhatsApp wants to introduce so-called “communities” in 2022, reports t-online. This is a kind of parent group in which several other groups find their place. In order to realize this, administrators should also be given more rights. They can then, for example, remove messages from the groups of other users.

Incidentally, Facebook Messenger is not the only service that is undergoing innovations this year. In addition to those for WhatsApp, there are new smartphone trends in 2022. The technology trends 2022 at the CES show other developments.

Sources: own research, t-online.de

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