WhatsApp for desktop adds pause and resume audio recording feature

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 20, 2022
Updated 2022/01/20 at 6:18 PM

recently the Whatsapp started testing the feature of pausing audios while recording and being able to continue recording in the Beta app to android, with users of iOS being able to test the novelty since the end of last year. now the company is also releasing this novelty for the desktop version.

Unlike what she is doing with the mobile feature, which is coming first to WhatsApp Beta for android or iOS, on the computer this feature is being released to all users through the ‘WhatsApp for Desktop 2.2201.2‘. Unlike the smartphone apps version, the desktop version allows any user to sign up for the public trial version, allowing them to already have access to the feature.

But who uses the messenger of the Facebook on the computer, you don’t even need to activate the application in the public trial version, that’s because the feature is working normally through the WhatsApp Web. The operation of the feature is quite simple, while the audio is recorded, the program displays a pause button on the left side of the submission, if the user presses it, it will stop recording and the re-record button will be visible, if the user wants to continue recording in the same audio.

Credits: Reproduction / Willian Ferreira

This is one more feature for the audio recording system that the Whatsapp is bringing, the feature was heavily criticized by users for being quite out of step with competitors. Since then, the platform has been working on making the recording better, allowing you to listen to the audio after recording and erase it before sending it.

The function of pausing and resuming recording had already been tested on the platform since last year only in iOS, but this week the messaging app expanded the test to the android.

With the function officially coming to all platforms that the Whatsapp has applications, it is clear that the company is close to launching the novelty, but the company has not yet positioned itself on this.


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