WhatsApp: Greater protection of user privacy has also arrived on iOS

Deepak Gupta April 17, 2022
Updated 2022/04/17 at 12:20 AM

The last few days have shown WhatsApp users how this software can evolve quickly and very directly. Group news, expanding the range of features and, above all, how they are used.

Now, a few days later, news appears again, now still in testing. They fall into a very important area that has a greater focus on WhatsApp. We talk about the privacy of users and the way they are seen within this service on iOS.

As one of the most used messaging services on the Internet, WhatsApp has evolved over time. The novelties do not slow down and focus on increasingly important areas for users and what they are looking for from this service.

This week we saw the arrival of file transfers up to 2GB, the reactions to messages and also the long-awaited renewal in groups. Communities promise to bring new life to groups, further expanding their use.

Now is still in a testing phase, WhatsApp refocuses on privacy and user information that is public. It had already been revealed on Android in a previous version and is now finally accessible in the version dedicated to iOS.

WhatsApp iOS Privacy Messaging Users

As can already be seen by several users, they are now able to decide who sees their status, their online presence and their profile image. In addition to the existing options, users who do not have access to this information can now be defined.

It is expected that in the coming days this feature will be extended to more WhatsApp users for iOS, as happened with Android. In this way, the Meta service will be able to test this functionality and ensure that it is working perfectly.

This is how WhatsApp is able to give users even greater control over their information. The privacy issue is always sensitive and in this way it reinforces your bet and what you bring to this messaging service.

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