Whatsapp innovation: soon you won’t be able to hide this anymore with voice messages

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 24, 2022
Updated 2022/02/24 at 10:57 AM

There’s another one WhatsApp innovation at. These updates are plentiful and they mainly concern the transparency and security during chatting that WhatsApp wants to ensure for its users. For this reason, the messenger has a change in design, more precisely in the voice messages, performed. In the future, therefore, we will no longer be groping in the dark when it comes to important campaigns.

WhatsApp innovation – in forwarded voice messages

Voice messages are quite useful. Especially on WhatsApp, they have become more popular in recent times. This is not least due to the half and double speed with which you can play the voice messages. According to Wabetainfo, there should now be another WhatsApp innovation that affects voice messages on Android devices.

A change is of particular importance. It is the forwarding of voice messages. The recipient of a forwarded message could always see that the message was forwarded. But WhatsApp now wants to mark this even more clearly.

Unlike previous updates, Messenger now uses orange icons for forwarded audio files. Also, Messenger changes the headphone icon to a microphone icon and replaces the sound linears with a waveform. The latter only works if you record the original message with a WhatsApp version.

Another WhatsApp innovation that was foreseeable is the change in playback speed. Just as for normal voice messages, this will also be possible for forwarded voice messages in the future.

With this strong distinction, the messenger wants to make it even clearer to the user that the sender of the message is not necessarily the author.

WhatsApp is constantly changing

The WhatsApp innovations are important and therefore not uncommon. So we can look forward to many new changes that will make our lives easier. Just recently, for example, a hidden change has come to light.

But sometimes Messenger also makes mistakes. That’s why there are also WhatsApp features that come and go. For example, a certain one was recently withdrawn.

Source: Wabetainfo

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