WhatsApp: New data protection regulation for the online status

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 16, 2021
Updated 2021/12/16 at 7:09 AM

Data protection is an important measure to counter cyber crime. That is why messengers like WhatsApp are always expanding and improving where they can. Messenger is doing just that now by introducing a new data protection measure. This will increase the visibility of the WhatsApp online status change.

WhatsApp online status – that has changed

WhatsApp attaches great importance to data protection. Messenger now shows this with a new data protection regulation that affects the online status.

The purpose behind the new measure is that strangers who have not yet been written to on WhatsApp cannot see the online status. What remains are the settings for online status visibility (last online – everyone, my contacts or nobody).

But what happened that made WhatsApp consider this step necessary?

Online stalking & cyber crime require data protection

According to wabetainfo.com, there are third-party apps in the Apple or Google Play Store that contain a wide variety of data such as B. collect the online status. Stalkers and other cyber criminals enjoy it and take advantage of this property of third-party apps. This means that she can also view the online status on WhatsApp via the third-party apps without being noticed.

And that’s not all. Cyber ​​criminals can obtain a lot of additional information and data using this method, which is too simple. It is therefore a good thing that WhatsApp is tightening its data protection regulations a little.

WhatsApp seems to have many innovations planned. The messenger recently released a new, surprising function that only some users can use.

Source: wabetainfo.com

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