WhatsApp now lets you transfer conversations from an Android smartphone to an iPhone

Deepak Gupta June 14, 2022
Updated 2022/06/14 at 4:49 PM

Despite being present on many platforms, WhatsApp has always had a usage problem. It is very complicated to switch between devices, simply migrating conversations and all associated files.

If WhatsApp has already made the process easier by allowing you to have conversations on multiple devices and migrating from iOS to Android, now it has taken another step. It was the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, who revealed the novelty, which allows you to migrate conversations from Android to an iPhone.

Mark Zuckerberg revealed the news of WhatsApp

It is clear that WhatsApp is firmly committed to use on multiple platforms, with rapid migrations. This is visible with some new features recently presented and that open the door to having this service on any device, in a transparent way.

The ultimate goal is to have a transparent way to switch between devices and thus ensure WhatsApp is always accessible. One more step in this direction was taken and Mark Zuckerberg came to reveal that's right on your facebook account.

WhatsApp Android iPhone iOS Mark Zuckerberg

Migrate Conversations from Android to iPhone

As the CEO of Meta revealed, WhatsApp now also allows conversations to be imported from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. In addition to message exchanges, multimedia files will also be transferred between these devices.

This novelty complements a similar one that had been announced in September of last year. We talk about the possibility of migrating data between iOS and Android, using a USB-C cable connection for Lightning and the Smart Switch app.

WhatsApp Android iPhone iOS Mark Zuckerberg

Complement to the reverse process, coming from iOS

In the case of migrating from Android to iOS, the user only needs to have the smartphone and iPhone on the same Wi-Fi network, eliminating any physical connection. In addition, it requires the presence of the Move to iOS app on the Android device.

Despite the announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg, the WhatsApp novelty will be progressively added in the coming days. After that, it will finally be possible to transfer conversations from an Android smartphone to an iPhone.

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