WhatsApp: Popular messenger soon no longer completely free?

Deepak Gupta February 2, 2022
Updated 2022/02/02 at 6:57 AM

Messenger WhatsApp, launched in 2009, has been at the top of its segment for years. Telegram, Signal, and other competitors all have their respective advantages. But they can’t quite keep up with the top dog from Meta. After all, constant new updates keep the messenger up to date. However: Not every one WhatsApp update brings only benefits.

WhatsApp update: beta shows new limit

Over the past months and years, software innovations have mostly created freedom for the users of the service. They are reflected, for example, in the chat structures, but also in voice messages and other functions. One of the most important features of the messenger is the backup function. It allows you to secure your chats and restore them even if you lose your data or even your smartphone. With an upcoming WhatsApp update, something could change.

As WABetaInfo reports, a not insignificant change can be read from the beta builds of the Android app. Accordingly, the Google Drive backups for WhatsApp will soon no longer be unlimited. That means: The data that you can save would be limited to a previously unknown volume after a future WhatsApp update.

This event could result in new costs for you. If you want to expand the available storage space in the Google Drive cloud, you have to pay extra. For 100 gigabytes you have to pay 1.99 euros per month, for one terabyte the price increases to 9.99 euros per month. In total, increasing your cloud storage would cost you 19.99 or 99.99 euros per year. Here you can get an overview of the different cost plans.

The feature is currently still under development. It is therefore unclear when the corresponding WhatsApp update will be rolled out.

Further innovations planned

However, some extensions are already in the planning stage. They give you new functions and more security. The parent company Meta, for example, made an adjustment in order to comply with the law on combating right-wing extremism and hate crime. It comes with some innovations that will reach WhatsApp in 2022.

Source: WABetaInfo; Google Drive

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