WhatsApp: The best sayings for New Year’s Eve

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 1, 2022
Updated 2022/01/01 at 2:28 AM

the WhatsApp sayings for New Years Eve are often boring and somehow lose their kick after being used for the 25th time. Both New Year’s Eve sayings 2021 however, we are happy to give you a helping hand. After all, you and your friends and relatives begin the journey through a new year; it’s not that easy to find the right words.

WhatsApp sayings for New Year’s Eve: These 12 should blow everyone away

“Happy new things!” Is something out of the ordinary. At the turn of the year you can show what you’re made of by not sending your contacts the usual junk. In the hustle and bustle, when the hand of the clock approaches midnight, there is usually a hectic breakout. So it’s good if you’re prepared. You can simply copy and send the following WhatsApp sayings for New Year’s Eve 2021 – guaranteed to suit every important mood for the New Year.


  • If the old year was successful, look forward to the new one. And if it was bad, then even more so. (Albert Einstein)
  • A pink lucky pig came running at midnight with a burning sparkler in hand, it grunted and squeaked loudly Hurray, I wish you a Happy New Year!
  • Warning‼: Do not leave the house around 11:59 p.m. on December 31st. There is a risk that you won’t come back until next year. Let everyone know who are close to your heart.


  • Live! Love! Laugh! In this way, make your New Year a festival that lets you celebrate your life.
  • A shamrock lay by the side of the road, was all alone when I found it. I picked it up and walked a little. I’ll give it to you, it will bring you luck.
  • Quiet and quiet, this is how I send this message on a journey. It should sweeten the new year for you with joy and greetings.
  • Go into the new year with courage and everything will be fine!


  • You don’t actually need New Year’s Eve. You’re a blast all year round!
  • I want on 31.12. at 11:59 p.m. a kiss from you, on 01.01. ends at 00:01 so that the old year ends with the most beautiful and the new year begins with the most beautiful.
  • At 12 it’s over again, so I’ll send you the last kiss. But don’t worry, you’ll get even more in the New Year, that’s for sure.
  • The year is new, but I am still loyal to you. It will be the same in the future – also in the coming year I will be yours all alone!

Alternate: Send WhatsApp GIFs for New Year’s Eve

If the WhatsApp sayings for New Year’s Eve don’t convince you, do it differently and send WhatsApp GIFs for New Year’s Eve. With the New Year’s Eve sayings for 2021, they can definitely keep up. But of course you have to download it first. You can do this on the following websites (usually free of charge):

  • 123gif.de
  • animierte-gifs.net
  • acegif.com

Or you can just create your own WhatsApp GIF.

Pictures work too, of course

Or you can pick out a few WhatsApp pictures that you can send for the New Year. For example, free images are available from:

  • silvester.rocks
  • Pixabay
  • gbpicsonline.de

WhatsApp sayings on New Year’s Eve don’t have to be boring

As you can see, there is a large selection of WhatsApp sayings for New Year’s Eve. Alternatively, you can use GIFs, videos or pictures to show that you are by no means run-of-the-mill and that you can offer your loved ones something creative for the New Year.

Before the New Year’s Eve sayings 2021, you can first wish a Merry Christmas on WhatsApp. You can also get more inspiring ideas with the best birthday sayings, pictures and GIFS for WhatsApp. It is also funny with the Chuck Norris WhatsApp sayings. For everything else, our WhatsApp survival guide will also help.

Sources: own research

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