WhatsApp will have an official channel to bring tricks and news to users

Deepak Gupta July 30, 2022
Updated 2022/07/30 at 7:59 AM

WhatsApp has been betting on new features, reinforcing what the service offers users in many situations. If this aspect is managing to satisfy users, there is now another one that will have news.

From what it was possible to know now, WhatsApp will be preparing a channel to be able to give users some additional information. It should be able to provide anyone with new tricks and additional information about the service.




A different novelty for this service

Updates and new features have been a constant on WhatsApp and its mobile apps and other platforms. These seek to improve the offer and ensure this messaging service remains simple to use, while becoming secure and even more complete.

One of the most recent additions that have been discovered seems to bet on an area that until now was forgotten and without recent developments. We are talking about direct communication between WhatsApp and its users, which becomes simpler and easier.

A channel to receive tips and information

Discovered in the latest test version is a new support channel that appears to be dedicated to communicating with WhatsApp users. This should be dedicated to giving information about the latest news, transmitting tricks and other safety information.

Interestingly, this new communication channel will only work in one direction for users. This means that WhatsApp will only provide information, and users will not have the ability to respond or initiate a support conversation.

New in WhatsApp but already seen in others

Certainly, many users will recognize this WhatsApp novelty in other services. This will apparently be similar to what Telegram and Signal already have and which are used by users to obtain information from these services.

As with other services, this novelty is focused exclusively on users and the use of WhatsApp. It will be a communication channel that anyone can consult to find out about news and even to find out how it can be used better.

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