WhatsApp withdraws function after criticism

Deepak Gupta February 15, 2022
Updated 2022/02/15 at 11:44 AM

Just recently a new one WhatsApp feature introduced. But the messenger has already withdrawn the feature. Those responsible probably did not miss the harsh criticism from the users.

WhatsApp feature withdrawn

Users did not accept the new WhatsApp function very well: It is about the arrangement of the contact list on the messenger. This was always sorted alphabetically. If you wanted to write a new message, you could find your contact using their first letter. Then WhatsApp changed the order. “Frequent contacts”, i.e. people with whom you write particularly often, moved up.

Below WABetaInfo’s tweet about the feature collect numerous critical voices: β€œThe new contact page feels so confusing. I want to look up my contacts in alphabetical order. I don’t want to see who I’m in frequent contact with or which groups I’m a member of at the top of the page. Please return to the old contact list”, writes such as Twitter user @siddhartha_a31.

“Terrible, I just want to find new contacts in alphabetical order”, so @hyoretsu. It was also criticized that the new WhatsApp function does not show the total number of contacts.

WhatsApp has probably noticed criticism

The many critical voices about the new WhatsApp function should not have escaped those responsible for the messenger. We couldn’t find the “innovation” anymore. However, it is possible that the change has not yet reached all users. If you don’t have the non-alphabetical list view yet, you might have to be patient.

You can find out what changes there will be in WhatsApp 2022 here.

Sources: Twitter/WABetaInfo, Twitter/@siddhartha_a31, Twitter/@hyoretsu

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