When NASA discovers aliens – clergymen should prepare humanity

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 31, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 10:55 AM

Finding extraterrestrial life is complicated. But what lies ahead, when we find it, also brings difficulties with it. One of the main questions is how to get such a message across to people. The US space agency has to clarify it NASA 24 people in action, including clergy. The organization granted a grant of 1.1 million US dollars for this program back in 2014.

Alien Life: Clergymen Should Help NASA

Andrew Davison, a Cambridge University priest, is among the clergy. Before he became a believer, he earned a PhD in biochemistry. In his opinion, the chances for life outside the earth are indeed high. And the first contact with aliens could turn the world upside down. On behalf of NASA, Davison is to find ways to prepare humanity for it.

Carl Pilcher, former head of the Astrobiology Institute at NASA, is also concerned with this topic. According to him, the involvement of theologians is essential. NASA wants them to “see the effects of using the scientific instruments of the late 20th century. [und frühen 21.] Century on issues that have been debated in religious traditions for hundreds or thousands of years, “the Times quoted.

“It is almost certain that there is life elsewhere than on earth. For almost everyone who deals with this topic, it is inconceivable that in the history of the universe life only existed on this one small rock ball around a medium-sized star in exactly this one place. “

Carl Pilcher (via The Times)

Religious or not

The main findings are that followers of a number of religious traditions report that they are good at discovering extraterrestrial life. This is what Davison writes in his book “Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine”, which is due to come out next year.

“Non-religious people also seem to overestimate the challenges religious people … would experience when faced with evidence of extraterrestrial life.”

Andrew Davison (via The Times)

NASA did not call for uniform handling of the discovery of extraterrestrial life until the end of October.

“Creation” is not limited to the earth

The theologian writes that “creation” is viewed as a “generous gift” from God. This applies not only to life on earth, but also to all other life in the universe. This idea can be reconciled not only with the Christian, but also with the Jewish as well as the Muslim faith.

“The Bishop of Buckingham, Alan Wilson, Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Romain of the Maidenhead Synagogue and Imam Qari Asim of the Makkah Mosque in Leeds agreed that Christian, Jewish and Islamic teaching would not be affected by the discovery of extraterrestrial life. “

The Times

Source: The Times

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