Whether solo or taken: The best love films for Valentine’s Day

Deepak Gupta February 13, 2022
Updated 2022/02/13 at 9:02 AM

As every year, Valentine’s Day on February 14 divides humanity – or at least the married and the single. While some can hardly wait to celebrate their love, others would probably prefer to lie in bed and pull the covers over their heads. If you want to crumble away at home, you should distract yourself with a good film. Whether as a single, as a couple or for a movie night with friends: Here are the best love films for every situation!

“La La Land”

With the exhilarating musical hit “La La Land” nothing can go wrong on the day of love. The film follows the bittersweet romance of dream couple Mia (Emma Stone, 33) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling, 41) as they both try to find their feet in the tough streets of Hollywood. The nostalgic film has wit, lightness, a great setting and the jazzy soundtrack sticks in your head.

“Crazy Stupid Love”

Gosling and Stone, the second: The strip “Crazy, Stupid, Love” (2011) is not your typical tearjerker. As a womanizer Jacob, Gosling gives the separated family man Cal (Steve Carell) flirting tips. Meanwhile, however, he unexpectedly falls in love with his eldest daughter (Stone). A wonderfully fresh comedy for all generations.

“Harold and Maude”

Love knows no age. This was already proven in 1971 by the wonderful film “Harold and Maude” with Bud Cort (73) and Ruth Gordon (1896-1985). The son of a wealthy mother, fascinated by death, meets the cheerful Maude. The age difference: around 60 years. As the two grow closer, the impetuous Harold learns to appreciate life. Especially when he sees the tattoo on Maude’s arm, which tells him that Maude survived the horrors of a concentration camp.

“Silver Linings”

“Silver Linings” with Bradley Cooper (47) and Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence (31) in the leading roles puts romantic comedies in a whole new light. Two mentally unstable characters find each other and a rather strange friendship develops. One of the most original ways to use love in a film. Nobody can dispute that.

Notting Hill

The strips by Oscar winner Julia Roberts (54) are the evergreens among love comedies. Whether in her unforgettable romance “Pretty Woman” (1990), in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (1997) or in “Notting Hill” (1999) with dog eyes Hugh Grant (61) – the sympathy and wit of her roles make them Movies based on true classics and sweeten Valentine’s Day in their very own way.

“500 Days of Summer”

Are the separation wounds still fresh? Then Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 40) in “500 Days of Summer” is the right one! The endearingly suffering main character has just been dumped by Summer (Zooey Deschanel, 42) and tries to get over a great love in an enchanting 95 minutes and with a fabulous film soundtrack. A sense of hope is guaranteed after the indie romance!

“Valentine’s Day”

Fans of Love Actually (2003), the quintessential Christmas movie, will definitely enjoy Valentine’s Day (2010). Similar to the Christmas classic, various storylines intersect and – as the name suggests – everything revolves around the day of love. It may not be a top cinematic performance, but thanks to the large star ensemble around Ashton Kutcher (43), Jessica Alba (40), Jennifer Garner (49), Halle Berry (55) and Co., the film is the ideal entertainment for this Day – with numerous happy endings.

“Destiny is a lousy traitor”

Those who prefer it emotional can either watch all of Nicholas Sparks’ films or choose “The Bad Fate” (2014). The drama tells the touching story of Hazel (Shailene Woodley, 30), who is suffering from thyroid cancer, and Gus (Ansel Elgort, 27), a boy who has lost a leg to bone cancer. A heartbreaking film that, apart from the young people’s terrible fate, also tells a beautiful love story. Have tissues ready!

“Magic Mike”

Single and once again no plans for the day of love? Channing Tatum (41) can definitely help! As Magic Mike, he heats things up with his fellow strippers and lets all thoughts of other men disappear. Don’t think much, just watch. The advantage: Enjoy the sexy six-packs of Tatum, Joe Manganiello (45) and Co. in a “double episode” with “Magic Mike” (2012) and “Magic Mike XXL” (2015).


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