Windows 11 build 22533 fixes bugs and adjusts volume control design

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 11:50 AM

Microsoft announced on the Windows blog the availability of Windows 11 build 22533 for Windows Insider Program participants who have opted in to the distribution channel dev. For participants who need to do a clean install of this build, the ISOs are also available for download – just go to this link and log in with your account registered in the program.

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without the Windows Insider Program

According to Microsoft’s announcement, Windows 11 build 22533 adjusts the design for the volume control, brightness control, and other hardware-accessed indicators to bring them more in line with the overall design of the operating system. When the user presses the volume or brightness control button on their laptop, for example, the indicators will now appear at the bottom center of the screen:

Windows 11 build 22533 fixes bugs and adjusts volume control design
Reproduction / Microsoft

For app users Your telephone (Your Phone in English version), Microsoft has started offering in the latest version a new design for the in-progress experience with new icons, fonts and other changes as shown in the image below:

Windows 11 build 22533 fixes bugs and adjusts volume control design
Reproduction / Microsoft

This build also brings other new features such as support for searching for Voice Access from taskbar icon, support for uninstalling the Clock app, and support for virtual keyboard themes in IMEs (input method editors) and emoji panel.

In addition to the news mentioned above, Windows 11 build 22533 brings fixes for multiple bugs. The list of bugs fixed includes one that causes users to find the error 0x8007012a during the driver or firmware update process, one that prevents logging into certain apps like Feedback Hub, one that prevents importing photos from certain camera or smartphone models in the Photos app, and one that affects the display of the Wi-Fi network icon in the notification area. The full list can be seen in the post with Microsoft’s announcement.

The list of known issues includes one that causes the taskbar to flicker when the user switches between different input methods, one that causes the search pane not to be displayed when the user clicks the icon in the taskbar, one that causes the Wi-Fi signal strength indicator icon to not represent the correct value, and one that causes the Settings app to crash when the user tries to access HDR-related options.


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