Windows 11 continues to grow and assumes a prominent position in the Microsoft universe

Deepak Gupta July 1, 2022
Updated 2022/07/01 at 1:51 AM

Even after being shown to the public, Windows 11 remains a system that not everyone can or wants to use on a daily basis. Microsoft has to show its capabilities and this has been revealed in the news it has presented to users.

As a system open to all users, it can be installed voluntarily by the majority. This has led Windows 11 to grow and rise, becoming one of the most used systems in the universe of Microsoft’s proposals.




Despite having very specific requirements from Microsoft, Windows 11 has been a system that has more and more users. This system is available for those who have the previous version, with an optional update already available.

The numbers of AdDuplex show the whole reality and place Windows 11 in the third position of this list, with 23.1%. Above it we have two versions of Windows 10, 21H2, with 38.2%, and version 21H1, which claims 23.9% of the market share.

Windows 11 Microsoft Windows 10 market news

Below this position of the new Windows, there are more versions of the previous system, with lower and lower values, always below 2 digits. These are older versions and they tend to disappear more and more, as can be seen below.

  1. Windows 10 21H2: 38.2% (+3.2 points)
  2. Windows 10 21H1: 23.9% (-2.5 points)
  3. Windows 11 21H2: 23.1% (+3.4 points)
  4. Windows 10 2004: 5.2% (-1.3 points)
  5. Windows 10 20H2: 3.8% (-2.4 points)
  6. Other Windows 10 versions: 3% (-0.4 points)
  7. Windows 11 Insiders: 0.8% (+0.1 points)

Interestingly, and as proof that this program works, at the end of this list we have the Windows 11 test version. This Microsoft evaluation test, the Insider program, manages to draw almost 1% of this universe to itself.

Windows 11 Microsoft Windows 10 market news

These numbers show an interesting reality that reveals that Microsoft's new system is gaining ground at a good pace. On the other hand, we also see Windows 10 losing users, not just older versions that will lose support.

Being a free update, it should grow even more until Windows 11 comes to dominate the market and all other systems. You will soon have another weight update and you will receive important news again.

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