Windows 11: Improve performance with a simple trick

Deepak Gupta February 7, 2022
Updated 2022/02/07 at 2:59 PM

at windows 11 can the improve performance, if various items on the taskbar are not displayed. A simple trick ensures that the Webview 2 control does not run in the background and is unnecessary random access memory consumed.

Improve performance on Windows 11: Find the culprit

If an operating system such as Windows 11 runs on a computer for a longer period of time, there can be a major drop in performance. Improving performance doesn’t have to mean rebooting the computer. A simple trick is usually enough to quickly fix performance problems.

Because usually it is just those practical functions from Microsoft that ensure that the main memory suffers. In the case of Windows 11, the culprit is quickly identified. The Webview 2 controlling element is responsible for showing you content via Microsoft Edge, for example, when you click the mouse. In addition, Webview 2 is part of the widget overview and the messenger Microsoft Teams.

According to, the developer Michael Niehaus found out that a total of 15 processes use up the memory unnecessarily, only if MS Teams or Edge are visible in the taskbar.

This is how you can fix the problem

In order to improve performance on Windows 11, it seems that even smaller settings are completely sufficient. If MS teams and widgets are displayed in the taskbar, for example, it should be enough to cover these icons. As soon as they are no longer visible in the bar, they no longer require memory.

For this to work, however, a restart and a new login are required. Then a few hundred MB of RAM should already be free.

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The new operating system from Microsoft has also been appearing for Windows 10 users for a few weeks: inside the bottom right of the taskbar. Important here: When updating from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you lose some things.

But if that’s not enough for you, we’ll explain here how you can expand your RAM in no time at all.


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