Windows 11: Microsoft continues to experiment with search and widgets

Deepak Gupta June 13, 2022
Updated 2022/06/13 at 1:00 AM

As with the previous version, Windows 11 is a system that is constantly being updated and is frequently updated. Microsoft seeks to improve its offering and give users what they need and look for.

This is now seen again, with a novelty that is being tested discreetly and away from the eyes of users. As it turned out, there is something new on the way to Windows 11 search and it may again change the widgets available.

Despite its Insider program with builds dedicated to testing new versions, Microsoft has internal tests with Windows 11. It seeks to experiment and create new features for its system, which thus becomes richer and more complete.

These are often present in the builds that are released, despite being hidden and away from users. Still, with a little research and the right tools, they emerge so they can be tested early.

This is precisely what happened now, with yet another new Windows 11 novelty being revealed. This will be associated with Windows 11 research and will arrive in a completely different way. It will also be a replacement for the search that now exists next to the Start Menu.

This new widget will appear in a place where Microsoft has placed these elements in Windows 11. We speak in the lower left corner of the taskbar, where you can already find the widget associated with the weather forecast and access to other information.

Windows 11 search Microsoft widget news

Microsoft had announced that it would now start working on new widgets, dynamic and even from other sources. What he didn't reveal was how he would do it or which would be the first ones. Apparently the poll was his choice.

This novelty will open space to concentrate in a single space all the elements that the user can use, far away from the Start Menu. Thus, and as intended, it will not cause confusion or steal space from other much more important elements.

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