Windows 11: Now everyone can easily change the browser on this Microsoft system

Deepak Gupta April 14, 2022
Updated 2022/04/14 at 12:37 AM

The latest Patch Tuesday brought many important changes to Windows 11. Mainly it focused on security and the issues that this system has that needed to be fixed to keep the glitches at bay.

Something that was not declared with this new version was an important change regarding the browser used. It becomes possible for everyone to change their default browser in a simple and direct way, without any complications.

One of Microsoft's worst decisions was the change in browser usage policy in Windows 11. I wanted to make it complicated for users to change browsers on this system, leading users to stay on Edge, the software giant's browser.

Of course, this decision ended up being reversed, especially after the many criticisms that were directed. Users want the freedom to change and that was being denied with this change that was imposed in Windows 11.

with the update KB5012592, received by Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has extended to all users the rollback of the change that is now available. It started out being only accessible to those who were on the Insiders program, but now it has been shared with everyone.

Windows 11 Microsoft Edge browser change

After installing this update, the default browser can be changed, all done via the Settings app. In the Applications area and by choosing Chrome, Firefox or another browser, you can set it as the default for Windows 11.

This is still not a perfect and simple solution as it used to be in Windows 11 and other versions. It is still necessary to change some of the different extensions that are available and that will be kept associated with Edge as the default.

This is excellent news for anyone using Windows 11 as their primary system. Mozilla wanted more changes in this area, but what Microsoft has already created is an important change for using any other browser on this system.

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