Windows 11 now gives you the weather forecast that will be near you with greater accuracy

Deepak Gupta August 14, 2022
Updated 2022/08/14 at 11:13 AM

Although Windows 11 has many constant new features, many end up escaping users. They are very specific and only a few manage to notice their presence, sometimes at specific and dedicated moments.

One of Microsoft’s latest changes came to show just that. It’s simple and very discreet, but it can actually help many users. We’re talking about the weather widget, which can now give you a forecast of how close it will be to you.




Although it still doesn't have a high profile, the widgets area of ​​Windows 11 is getting more and more complete. It has received new features and improvements from Microsoft, in order to be more useful and more complete for users.

The most recent arrived very discreetly, to solve a problem that in fact many did not even know they had present. We are talking about the weather widget, which was just showing the forecasts of the places that were chosen by the user in the search box.

From what was announced, and easily proven, it is now possible to configure this widget to show the weather forecast for the location where the user is. This information will be obtained either by locating the IP address, or by using GPS, if any.

Activating this new feature in Windows 11 is simple, as expected from such an option. You should start by opening the widgets and choosing the one associated with the weather, looking here for the 3 points that will give access to the menu of this Microsoft element.

Windows 11 widget weather forecast location

This will open the menu of this widget and show the options. The one you should choose is the one called Customize widget, which will open its settings. A new switch will be present that will allow "always use my location" associated with the user.

This new feature is being extended to everyone and will need this small configuration change. From that moment on, the Windows 11 user will have more accurate information from Microsoft about the weather next day if for the next hours or days.

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