Windows 11: Problems with hotspot on this system? Fault comes with the latest update

Deepak Gupta June 19, 2022
Updated 2022/06/19 at 12:58 AM

Windows 11, as well as the previous version, has some very interesting features that are used constantly. These improve the system and bring some extras that are unique and completely change its use.

One of these features is the possibility that Windows 11 can be used as a hotspot, in order to provide access to a WiFi network. This functionality is now having problems, simply because a recent update was installed and it has a bug.




The hotspot functionality is something that users have gotten used to using constantly. Brings a WiFi network anywhere, without the need for any additional equipment, giving Internet access to all devices.

This very interesting capability is now having problems in Windows 11, as a result of a simple update that Microsoft recently released. It simply works after the first device is turned on, but it loses access to the Internet, which is essential for this function.

After installing KB5014697, Windows devices may not be able to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. When trying to use the hotspot feature, the Hosting Device may lose its Internet connection after connecting a Client Device.

Alternative solution: to mitigate the problem and restore internet access on the host device, you can disable the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. For instructions, see Use your Windows PC as a mobile hotspot.

Microsoft has already recognized this issue, but still doesn't have any solution for the problem that the KB5014697 update brings. This was released as a cumulative update and it brings some new features to Windows 11 search and even security improvements.

Windows 11 WiFi Problems Microsoft Update

The only solution that Microsoft offers for now is to bring back Internet access. Simply disable the Windows 11 hotspot and this problem disappears immediately, and access is resumed.

This is yet another simple problem, but one that can have a big impact on users. The hotspot is something that becomes a unique feature that many use on a recurring basis to guarantee Internet access with a simple WiFi connection.

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