Windows 11 update: That’s why you should think twice

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 19, 2022
Updated 2022/01/19 at 12:32 PM

In October 2021, Microsoft released its latest operating system. Based in Redmond, Washington, the company brings with its Windows 11 update a whole range of new functions among the users. However, not everyone has updated their computer to the new software version. Some because they have simply forgotten, others because they are still struggling with it.

Windows 11 update or not?

There are many reasons for the Windows 11 update. After all, Microsoft has always made great efforts to constantly improve its operating systems. But with some upgrades, something is lost that the community has valued so far. In the case of the new Windows version, this is the case several times.

N° 1: System requirements

Microsoft has strict system requirements for Windows 11 update. This means many people will not be able to update their calculators. Apart from the usual requirements for a new operating system, such as processor speed, RAM or storage capacity, Windows 11 also has a number of requirements that are not really necessary.

For example, you need to enable TPM 2.0 to install Windows 11. The so-called Trusted Platform Module is a chip that is actually built into most computers. In version 2.0, however, not everyone has it.

N° 2: Incomplete software

Microsoft is also often criticized for abusing its community as beta testers. That means: The company publishes an actually unfinished operating system. The tech giant would not actually be dependent on that. Because with the Windows Insider program, its operating systems are already going through a fairly extensive beta test.

N° 3: Taskbar & Start Menu

While the Windows 11 taskbar looks nice with its central icons and Start menu, its functionality is more like that of an early version of Windows 10. You cannot move or resize the taskbar after the Windows 11 update. Other customization options are also gone.

The Start menu in Windows 11 also looks like an upgrade from previous versions of Windows. Microsoft has tried to simplify it greatly and limited it to the essentials. The problem: Some not insignificant functions have been lost, which you now have to search for a long time.

N°4: Hidden functions

You also have to search in Windows Explorer. There you have to rummage for a long time since the Windows 11 update for some functions that were previously right in front of your nose. In most cases you will have to use Explorer’s search functions and settings.

#5: Microsoft Edge

Since a few updates, the mediocre browser Microsoft Edge has been pushing itself further and further into the foreground. With the latest version of its operating system, however, the developer has taken this problem to a new level. The reason for this is sometimes that Microsoft has introduced new settings for standard programs under Windows 11. They make naming a new default browser even more difficult.

Source: own research

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