Windows at 14€? Office at 24€? Come and see these and other promotions!

Deepak Gupta July 6, 2022
Updated 2022/07/06 at 6:39 PM

Windows at 14€? Office at 24€ Discover these and other promotions at VIP-URCDkey, which presents its Windows campaign and Office suite at very attractive prices.

So we can use this catalog to find the price of digital keys for Windows or an Office and others. But don’t forget: lifetime keys, no timeout.

Windows at 14€? Office at 24€? Come and see these and other promotions!

In fact, is it possible to get a Windows for €14 or an Office for €24? Come and discover these and other promotions, active on the platform.

In addition, an additional discount with the coupon TT20 which can be activated in some links, including Office 2021 or Windows 11:

One of the most important software packages for Windows 10 is, without a doubt, Microsoft Office, with special emphasis on Office 2021 on sale.

Therefore, we can say that this suite combines all the applications necessary to write and edit various types of documents, including text, spreadsheets and databases or even multimedia presentations, thus giving the best opportunities that we can get from the software.

Top benefits of the best lifetime digital keys for Windows and Office?

In fact, when using a key with a lifetime effect, we start by removing the annoying box in the corner of the monitor screen that reminds us whenever we need to activate Windows 10.

On the other hand, according to VIP-URCDKey, we are guaranteed access to all important updates (including any future fixes) that may improve the security and performance of your system.

Furthermore, the issue of not using software "tampered" by third parties (pirates) that can reveal a lot of personal information without the user's knowledge,

How can I buy Windows 10 or Windows 11 Pro at these prices?

Indeed, buying a digital key product from the VIP-URcdkey online store is easy.

To do so, simply follow the link above for the product you are interested in. On the website, it is necessary to create a profile, or to log in to an existing profile, and for this you can even use your Facebook or Google account.

Then click on "Buy Now" and we are sent to a page where we have to enter the following promo code - TT20% - mandatory for an additional 20% price reduction.

Now click on the "Submit Order" button, then choose the payment system that suits you (PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, etc.) and confirm the payment with the "Pay Now" button.

Simple as that!

How to activate products. Windows 10, Windows 11 or Office?

In the main products of these platforms, some users do not always find the way to activate the key they have just acquired.

So, the platform prepared a website which, despite being in English, details the entire process, which is already simple.

This article has the VIP-URcdkey support in the provision of information or equipment

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