WireGuard security protocol arrives at Ivacy VPN and adds extra discount in 5 years

Deepak Gupta June 14, 2022
Updated 2022/06/14 at 1:45 PM

The WireGuard security protocol was implemented in the well-known and Ivacy VPN. An excellent way to further protect our connections while online and secure enough to prevent malicious attacks or attempts. Basically, we have freedom of navigation, anonymity of our IP and a solution that allows access to up to 7 regions of the Netflix catalog

On the other hand, do not neglect and take advantage as Ivacy VPN continues with its 5-year promotion campaign.

WireGuard as Ivacy VPN's New Security Protocol?

With the emergence of the new protocol WireGuard this would be a step forward for many VPN services. Ivacy VPN got ahead.

In essence, it is a code VPN protocol, whose function is to simplify data encryption.

Firstly, the protocol was designed to be faster and simpler than the usual OpenVPN and IKEv2, which are still considered to be the best today.

Thus, almost instinctively and with all the experience applied to its algorithm, it can be said that WireGuard had the best results in all its tests, especially with ping considerably smaller.

Undoubtedly, this is a revolutionary moment in the world of VPN security and the security protocols to be used. Ivacy VPN does not neglect technology and makes it immediately available to its users.

But what makes the WireGuard protocol so special?

In fact, the new WireGuard uses state-of-the-art cryptography such as the Noise protocol framework, Curve25519, ChaCha20, Poly1305, BLAKE2, SipHash24, HKDF, and secures trust builds.

Basically, the protocol itself ends up making conservative and reasonable choices and has been constantly and carefully reviewed by cryptographers.

So, we can say that WireGuard was designed with ease of implementation and simplicity in mind.

First, it is intended to be easily implemented in very few lines of code, and security vulnerabilities can be easily verified which, unlike other protocols, allows it to be comprehensively reviewable by isolated individuals.

But, why choose Ivacy VPN in 2022?

Without a doubt, Ivacy VPN can rank as one of the best VPNs on the market in 2022.

Online safety first! It is the truest phrase that we must take into account and never neglect.

In the current model of the Internet, with all the threats and dangerous just getting on the Internet, it has become imperative to stay safe online. Because? Due to the growing dangers lurking in cyberspace.

In short, with the Ivacy VPN in addition to being able to mask our IP address, we will more easily get off the radar of hackers, surveillance agencies and less scrupulous ISPs about our online activities. In other words, our privacy is exclusively ours and security protocols in communications are taken into account.

5 year subscription plan at balance price? The Ivacy VPN campaign continues

First, let's get to know the new best 5 year plan from Ivacy VPN, ever launched by the brand. There are few quality VPNs that allow a price in this price/quality ratio.

So just visit this link to understand that we can buy a top VPN at a price of 0.90 euros per month with full access to all its functions and benefits.

Does Netflix allow access to different catalogs in other countries?

First, looking at the company's rules, it's not clear on the subject. Many readers are faced with these doubts as well. When reading in detail the TOS (Terms of Service, or Terms of Use) of Netflix, the platform does not make the matter clear.

Point 4 of these TOS leaves absolute scope for logical interpretations of Portuguese and it is clear, in our understanding, that we can use the service in different geographical points, as long as the service exists there. As?

When visiting the brand's website where the TOS is located, in sub-point 4.3 of the point "4. Netflix Service" we can read, and quote the specific point of the conditions:

4.3. You will be able to access Netflix content essentially in the country where you created your account, and only in geographic locations where Netflix offers the service and for which you have obtained a license for said content. The content eventually available will vary by geographic location and will change from time to time. The number of devices you can view at the same time depends on the subscription plan chosen and is specified on the "Account" page.

Therefore, by leaving the information "You will be able to access Netflix content essentially in the country where you created your account" and not "exclusively" in the country where you created your account", you make it clear that you allow access from other sources in the planet.

In addition, and in a broad interpretation, referring to "...and only in geographic locations where Netflix offers the service and for which it has obtained a license for said content" we understand that, in addition to being able to watch in the place where we acquired the account, we can also watch in all geographic locations where Netflix operates or has rights to its content.

As such, it may be mentioned here that the user who has acquired the license will be able to use where Netflix sells the service.

Last but not least, why is it mentioned "Content that may be available will vary by geographic location and will change periodically"? If the content could not be used beyond our country of origin where we purchased our subscription, why is it important to know that the content changes depending on the geographic location?

Do these "gray areas" open the door to the use of VPNs?

Basically everything is open for the use of these technologies for the user who has a Netflix subscription to have access to the catalogs of the company where it sells its product.

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