Witch’s Hut, a portuguese hack and slash roguelike

Deepak Gupta May 21, 2022
Updated 2022/05/21 at 6:25 PM

Today we bring to your attention, Witch’s Hut, a roguelike hack and slash that is in development by the national indie studio, Up Hill Studios.

Come see how the game is.

The Up Hill Studios team is working on their first PC video game, Witch's Hut. This is an academic project created under the supervision of the teaching staff of the Videogames course at ULHT.

The game, which has a distinctive and captivating visual style, is a Hack and Slash/Dungeon Crawler 3D roguelike with 2D characters that takes place in a fantastic world where the player has to help a witch to expand her territory. To do so, you will come across numerous challenges and enemies to defeat.

In Witch's Hut, the player controls a goblin created by a witch. This witch has plans to expand her territory but there are dungeons full of dangerous creatures that stop her. So she creates goblins that she sends to these dungeons in order to eliminate all the creatures that inhabit there. Because the witch is an evil person, it doesn't matter if she only needs 1 goblin or 100, after one dies she summons another that takes her place.

The witch sends the goblins in her place due to not wanting to put herself at risk and also because her powers are not fully developed. To be able to enter the dungeons, the witch has to open portals, but due to her limitations she cannot keep them open for long, so she sends goblins that she treats as expendables to overcome this limitation. So the player must be able to clear the dungeon he is in before the portal beams and he gets stuck on the other side.

The artistic direction of Witch's Hut is one of the most prominent aspects of the game. An environment was created with 3D models but 2D textures, thus creating an interesting contrast. To further contrast, all the characters in this game are in 2D thus creating a different perspective and visual style that you don't see in many games.

Just as we mixed 2D and 3D in the artistic part, we mixed two different genres in this title. The game will have a hack and slash essence in terms of combat and the game's objective, but with rouguelike elements where it will be necessary to fulfill certain objectives to progress. When you lose, you have to start over from the beginning.

One of the goals of this project is to create a game that is visually distinct from what is common in the market. For that, Witch's Hut will have the characters in 2D Pixel Art in a 3D environment with pixelated textures. Another feature of Witch's Hut is the use of a timer in parallel with the roguelike system. This means that in addition to the player having to start over from the beginning if he loses, he will have a time limit to complete his objective, adding another layer of tension.

In order to complement these features, the game has a scoreboard that will save the times of each player on that specific device, thus creating a level of competition.

You can read more about the development of Witch's Hut, on here.

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