With US sanctions, Huawei lost 81% of the mobile market in 2021

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 31, 2022
Updated 2022/01/31 at 1:40 PM

THE Huawei has suffered a lot from the sanctions imposed by the United States government even at the time of the Donald Trumpsomething that was maintained with the entry of the new president Joe Biden. As a result, the Chinese giant lost access to various types of technologies from US companieswhich had a direct impact on its smartphone division, which has been showing decreasing numbers of handset sales.

During the years 2019 and 2020, the Chinese giant managed to reach the top of the ranking of companies that sell the most smartphones worldwide, including managing to surpass Apple at the time. However, since 2019, the company has been running into trouble with the US government, preventing the company from accessing the US supply chain without permission from the Department of Commerce.

This caused the company to lose access to various technologies and software, such as Google Mobile Serviceswhich prevented her from using many of the most important features of the android. In China, where the system of Google is not used so much, this did not impact so strongly initially, but worldwide the company has been suffering a lot from it, with its number of devices sold, which one day reached 240.6 million smartphones, dropped -81.6%, selling just 35 million units last year.

Credits: Reproduction / Omdia

These data, which were collected by the Om Dayshow that the The company’s market share worldwide dropped from 15% in 2020 to just 3% in 2021. This drop is so impressive that the honorformer subsidiary of Huawei which was sold last year, sold 39.8 million sets, surpassing its former owner.

Although initially the company remained strong in China, as it did not have access to technologies such as Qualcomm chipsets tline option with 5Git also saw its numbers plummet in the domestic market.

According to the survey of Counterpoint Researchthe company dominated the Chinese market with 23% in 2020but during the year 2021 she showed a drop of -73% in the total number of devices sold, accounting today for only 7%.


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Source: Om Day, PhoneArena, Counterpoint Research

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