Without US sanctions, Huawei could have dominated the market, says brand executive

Deepak Gupta July 10, 2022
Updated 2022/07/10 at 9:02 AM

If you remember correctly, Huawei was blacklisted by the United States, which caused a turnaround not only for the Chinese brand, but also for its customers, users and suppliers. The company was thus prohibited from accessing products and doing business with all entities that had a connection to the North American country.

This situation made a lot of ink flow and triggered many other consequences. However, recently an executive director of the brand claims that Huawei, like Apple, could have dominated the market had it not been for the sanctions applied by the US.




Huawei could dominate the market if there were no sanctions

Recently, Richard YuExecutive Director and CEO of Huawei's Consumer Department shared its opinion regarding the possible position of the Chinese brand if the United States of America had not imposed heavy sanctions on it. And according to the executive "if not for US intervention and suppression of Huawei, the world's top smartphone makers could be Huawei and Apple".

But Richard Yu didn't just stop here and also aimed his sights at Samsung, devaluing the rival by saying that "others are small manufacturers, including the South Korean company (Samsung), which can be sold mainly in the US and South Korean markets.".

Huawei smartphone image

In 2020, Huawei was one of the strongest companies in the world, especially in the smart phone segment, and in April the Chinese brand even surpassed Samsung. But US sanctions dethroned the company, leaving it in an extremely delicate position, which forced it to think about solutions and alternatives. Among the solutions found, we highlight the sale of the subsidiary Honor, the development of its HarmonyOS mobile operating system and its own smartphone application store called App Gallery.

Of course, we cannot guess at what level the Chinese company would be if the US government had not sanctioned it. But the probability that Huawei has grown much more and occupied a dominant position is quite high.

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