WooTechy iPhixer, One of the Best and Most Effective iOS Recovery Software in 2022

Deepak Gupta June 2, 2022
Updated 2022/06/02 at 2:27 AM

Yes, it is with high certainty that it is possible to say that WooTechy iPhixer asserts itself in this year 2022 as one of the best and most effective iOS recovery software.

Above all, common cases like having iPhone or iPad frozen on Apple logo, a permanent white screen, stuck in recovery mode, unable to install updates, frozen screen, stuck in a restart or continuous restart cycle, problems like these and many others can be easily resolved using an incredibly easy-to-use iOS system recovery software, the WooTechy iPhixer.

In fact, this article aims to show you everything you need to know about WooTechy iPhixer while troubleshooting tool that happen on any iPadOS/iOS/tvOS. Reading this article can prove to be a great help, believe me.

What is WooTechy iPhixer?

Thus, WooTechy iPhixer is a powerful all-in-one solution capable of solving iPadOS/iOS/tvOS problems without data loss, available for both Windows as for Mac.

In fact, it is an indispensable tool for iOS device repair.

First of all, we can rate this software as one of the most effective solutions to solve almost any problem with iOS devices, whether small or large, that devices like iPhone and iPad can present.

Immediate Advantages in iOS Recovery

Intuitive and easy to use without having to have any prior technical knowledge to use it and thus be able to repair your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Above all, WooTechy iPhixer is known for its excellent efficiency, simplicity of operation, complete compatibility and security in iOS recovery. There are unlimited, continuous free updates forever and a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee.

Is WooTechy iPhixer safe to use?

Yes, downloading it for both Windows and Mac is completely safe. Kaspersky, Trend Micro, McAfee, Norton, give it as approved and it is 100% free of malicious software and/or viruses.

On the other hand, this program does not store user data, thus ensuring that there is no risk of data leakage.

Furthermore, it is compatible with all devices and versions of tvOS/iOS/iPadOS; and in this way, it will not damage the devices or PCs.

How many versions of WooTechy iPhixer are there?

First of all, you can use the trial version any free of charge, so you can check if our device is supported.

Second, you can enjoy 1-click input/output recovery mode and excellent customer service. However, to enjoy the advanced features of WooTechy iPhixer, it is necessary to purchase it.

The cost of the software guarantees:

Even more, with the full version, you are guaranteed to:

In that sense, you can buy a WooTechy iPhixer monthly plan for one iOS device for just $29.95, an annual plan for one iOS device for $39.95, and a lifetime plan for 5 iOS devices for $59.95.

What can iPhixer do anyway?

Eventually, WooTechy iPhixer will solve just in a few minutes the problem that the iPhone can present, no matter how serious or complex it is.

Troubleshoot iOS

In fact, this software claims to resolve key iOS issues such as:

  • Getting stuck on the Apple logo,
  • the black screen of death,
  • frozen screen,
  • update failure,
  • iPhone stuck in DFU mode or boot loop,
  • etc.

Obviously, with iPhixer we can update and restore iDevices without having to use iTunes, thus allowing us to avoid code errors such as the famous 4005, 4010, and 4013.

At the same time, when using it to fix common problems, the user can have full confidence and assurance that the device will be returned to its original state without any loss of data.

In addition, it can also be used to reset iPhone/iPad/iPod touch even when password is forgotten. Although this process will remove all data from your device, you can choose to make a backup with this tool.

How to use WooTechy iPhixer

1 - Download and install

Definitely, you have to download WooTechy iPhixer from official website. After installation, just make it boot on Mac or Windows PC. Then select Standard Mode, then click Next button.

First of all, use a USB cable to connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer. The device must be unlocked before proceeding to the next step, as the application will not recognize it if it is locked.

2 - Get the Firmware

Also, to access the firmware of your iOS device, select the option Download. WooTechy iPhixer will automatically show the firmware version available and suitable for the connected device. You can also choose the desired version.

Similarly, iPhixer will evaluate the firmware and extract the program before pinning it automatically when the firmware has been successfully downloaded.

3 - Repair iOS devices

Afterwards, you can start repairing your iPad or iPhone by clicking the Start button. During this period, it is not possible to use or disconnect the device, otherwise the device will be stuck and stop working. Once the repair is complete, you can restart the device and use it normally.

However, if with Standard Mode it is not possible to fix the device, you can use Advanced Mode. Select Advanced Mode from the program's main interface, and just follow the same steps as Standard Mode.

However, Advanced Mode will wipe all data from the device if Standard Mode fails to properly resolve iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues.


In summary, when choosing an iOS system repair tool, you should consider and weigh several parameters and criteria. The characteristics of each software and how powerful they are, security, accessibility, compatibility, technical support available, success rate, ease of use, free download and, importantly, updates.

Without a doubt, WooTechy iPhixer can be that tool that saves the day. If you still have doubts then the best solution is to try it!

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