Wordle, successful social media game, is bought by The New York Times

Deepak Gupta February 2, 2022
Updated 2022/02/02 at 10:45 AM

This Monday (31) the The New York Times newspaper announced the purchase of one of the biggest recent internet phenomena: the online game Wordle. The exact amount of the transaction was not revealed, but the official announcement quoted a “seven-figure” amount, pointing to a million-dollar payout.

Game Wordle has become a fever around the world thanks to its simplicity and great popularity on social networks such as Twitter. Released by software engineer Josh Wardle in October of last year, Wordle quickly passed the million-a-day player mark all around the world.

The New York Times’ objective with the acquisition is to increase the number of subscribers – the goal is to reach 10 million by the year 2025. The company’s website already has a varied game section such as puzzles, word searches, crosswords and other apps that are available via subscription.

According to the company, Wordle will continue as a free game, there are no plans to change this at the moment. Including, player winning streaks must be preserved.

Jonathan Knight, General Manager of the NYT, highlighted that Wordle did what few other games have done: capture the collective imagination and bring us closer to each other. On his Twitter, creator Josh Wardle said it was amazing to see the joy the game brought to people and that he is very grateful for all the stories people have shared with him.

How does Wordle work?

In the game, the Participants must guess what the word of the day is, always consisting of 5 letters. Players have up to 6 attempts to come up with the correct word. Letters in the correct position are highlighted in green. Letters that belong to the word but are in the wrong position are highlighted in yellow. Letters that do not belong to the word are erased.

After completing the puzzle, you can share your result on social networks and on WhatsApp, as the game sends a series of Emoticons replicating your performance in the message.

How about an alternative in Portuguese?

Piggybacking on Wordle’s success, Fernando Serboncini (Tech Lead Manager at Google, developer focused on Canvas and graphics APIs and also developer of Indie games) created the Term (term.ooo), the version translated into Portuguese. The success has also been huge and even streamer Casimiro has already joined in the fun.

Termo follows the same rules as the original game, with sharing systems and an ad-free interface that can be accessed from both PC and smartphone.


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Source: The New York Times

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