XBUS Camper, the super efficient electric mini-caravan for 2 people

Deepak Gupta August 6, 2022
Updated 2022/08/06 at 5:21 PM

Electric vehicles are taking over the roads and in the near future any class of vehicle will have the electric option available. From light to heavy, passing through the transport of people, to goods, brands are strongly preparing the transition. We say it strongly because even the most peculiar offers are already thinking about electrical efficiency. A lavish case is that of the XBUS Camper motorhome.

This is a proposal for a super efficient electric mini-caravan for 2 people. Engage in nature with the utmost comfort.

XBUS: Mini caravan that does not harm the environment or your comfort

The proposal is based on some sustainability criteria. One small vehicle with solar resources and that can accommodate two people. Thus, the camper version of the XBUS will be 3.95 m long, the minivan offers space for occupant comfort.

One retractable cab at the rear creates a sleeping area of ​​130 × 210 cm. There is also a mobile kitchen block on board that can be used outside the vehicle if needed, as well as a TV, fridge, fresh water tank and sink.

In the fully equipped version, the price of the XBUS Camper with a folding roof should be around 30,170 euros. Currently, the prototype of the vehicle is still at the beginning of production at the German company, located in Rosbach. The first models are expected to reach customers in 2024.

The campervan version features four electrically controlled wheel hub motors, which together deliver up to 56 kW (76 hp) in full traction, enabling a top speed of 100 km/h.

Image of the XBUS electric mini-caravan

Transforming solar energy into electrical energy

The battery stores 15 kWh in the base version and can be increased to 45 kWh with additional battery packs. Depending on the battery configuration, the range must be between 200 and 600 km. Charging takes three to five hours on a standard 220V outlet or correspondingly faster on an 11kW charger.

Like the other XBUS variants, the XBUS Camper is available in both Standard and Offroad chassis versions with increased ground clearance. There is a 5 m² photovoltaic panel on the roof. Under optimal conditions, the vehicle should be able to generate an additional range of 30 to 50 km daily from solar energy on an annual average.

This technology is especially worthwhile for camping holidays in sunny regions. Thanks to the vehicle's charging technology, campers can also use their own solar energy from the vehicle's own 220 volt socket.

With an unladen weight of between 500 and 800 kg, depending on the equipment, the XBUS falls into the category of light electric vehicles. XBUS customers will be able to choose from a total of nine variants in the future. Whether pick-up, van, bus or caravan, they all share a modular approach.

Faced with increasing road congestion, we need smart, versatile and sustainable concepts that offer individual mobility and adapt to personal lifestyles: sustainable, modular and affordable. That's where we come in with XBUS.

Said Ralf Haller, founder of the company.

Modular to adapt to any type of offer

The modular principle may be the great asset of this proposal. With just two modules, for example, the van can be temporarily converted into a caravan for the next vacation.

Around 270 dealers in Germany and more than 800 in Europe will carry out this quick and easy conversion. Rental modules are also planned.

The company policy behind XBUS, the ElectrisBrandsthis concept and product is based on environmentally friendly production methods and short delivery routes, as well as the use of cobalt-free batteries.

Our goal is to be able to reuse as many individual parts as possible. We achieve this by using unmixed materials and components that are generally fully recyclable. Green from start to finish, that's what the global concept is designed for.

concluded Ralph Haller.

Portugal is already on the list of countries that will be available to receive this vehicle.

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