Xiaomi launches smart speaker with infrared emitter

Deepak Gupta February 18, 2022
Updated 2022/02/18 at 4:06 PM

THE Xiaomi presented this Friday (18) a new smart speaker device, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control. The new device in the family of equipment for Smart home’ of the brand has an infrared emission feature that should help in the interaction with other appliances. Speaker still features compatibility with Google Assistantto organize the voice commands.

The design of the device is compact and discreet and, according to the ad, it is available in black. There is also an adaptive brightness LED display on the front for displaying the time. THE Smart Speaker IR It also comes equipped with buttons for volume control, Play/Pause and microphone mute.


The highlight of Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is connectivity to other home appliances via infrared. The company promises good integration with ‘non-smart’ devices that support the IR control function. Through Google Assistantthe user can send commands to the IR speaker that will play them to the devices. But it is important to note that the effective range of the infrared control is approximately 10 meters in unobstructed environments.

In addition, the speaker also features the connection with others of the same spread around the environment, ensuring synchronous reproduction throughout the place and even for hands-free calls with Google Duo. Xiaomi Smart Speaker they will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi or linked to the same Google account.

In the specs, the device features Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz connection, 2 microphones with voice wake-up support and 1.5″ full-range speaker. Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control aims to be the command center for the ‘smart homes‘.


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Source: Xiaomi

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