Xiaomi released MIUI 13.1 based on Android 13 and surprised everyone

Deepak Gupta August 2, 2022
Updated 2022/08/02 at 7:25 AM

It has been rumored for some time that Xiaomi had a MIUI update to be prepared soon, but it never took shape. This should fit between the current version, MIUI 13 and the next version, MIUI 14, but it has taken a while to be effectively released.

With work already being prepared for the next major version, it now comes by surprise from Xiaomi. It revealed MIUI 13.1, the new version of its customization, but now based on Android 13, something that was not expected.




With Android 13 on the way, expected in September, it's time for manufacturers to start preparing their updates for this new system. Xiaomi will have already started this process and MIUI 14 has already started to be seen, still discreetly.

With this process happening, many did not expect this news from Xiaomi to appear, albeit limited. The brand recently presented MIUI 13.1, based on the latest test version of this operating system from Google.

Even more interesting is the fact that Xiaomi has not released MIUI 13.1 globally and not for all its smartphones. For now, and from what is revealed, the new version is only available in China and for the latest models of the Xiaomi 12 family.

Regarding the new features of this version, it is still accessible to get to know this version in depth. What makes this proposal and this new version stand out is that it is based on Android 13, which is yet to arrive globally for Google smartphones first and other manufacturers later.

Xiaomi MIUI 13.1 Android 13

By using the beta 3 of Android 13, Xiaomi already guarantees early access for its users to almost everything that Google has created in its new system. It's still too early to use this new proposal from Google, but it paves the way for future updates to come.

Most likely, MIUI 13.1 will not reach more smartphones and more areas of the planet. The final update that appears should arrive later, with Android 13 mature and with all its new features.

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