You are 50% less likely to have an accident in a Tesla than in another car

Deepak Gupta May 29, 2022
Updated 2022/05/29 at 7:31 AM

All the technology that Tesla cars have greatly improves the entire driving experience. It not only guarantees better interactivity, but brings more security to drivers and their companions.

A new study has now come to show a reality that few were aware of. Evaluated electric car drivers who also use vehicles with combustion engines. The difference in the case of accidents is huge for Teslas, but it doesn’t apply to other brands of electric cars.

Tesla takes greater care in drivers

The arrival of electric cars on the market has changed the way drivers get on the road and even how they drive. With much more technology, they are able to have greater support and help more at times when support is needed.

One recent study, carried out by Cambridge Mobile Telematics, evaluated the behavior of electric car drivers and those who also use other vehicles. One of the biggest conclusions came from those who use Tesla cars, who are 50% less likely to have an accident.

These findings include an analysis of Tesla drivers who also drive another vehicle. These drivers are nearly 50% less likely to crash while driving their Tesla than any other vehicle they drive. We performed the same analysis on individuals who drive a Porsche and another vehicle. In this case, we observe the opposite effect. Porsche drivers are 55% more likely to crash while driving their Porsche compared to the other vehicle

Crash levels is different from other brands

The findings don't just focus on Tesla and look at other brands. In the case of Porsche, this value is inverted and these drivers are 55% more likely to have an accident when driving an electric car from this German brand.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics also found that people who drive Teslas were 21% less likely to drive distracted with the smartphone in their Tesla compared to when they were driving the other car. They were also 9% less likely to drive over the speed limit.

Tesla accident drivers electric car

Compare with the results of an electric car

In fact, there is a theory to justify this more defensive behavior by drivers of Tesla cars. Accidents are more likely on longer trips, but Tesla drivers need to stop and recharge more often and for longer than gasoline car drivers stop to refuel.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics also did not attempt to explain the impact of Tesla's autopilot on these results. This unique feature of these cars includes a set of features to avoid accidents and thus can be an additional protection for drivers.

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