You can do this if the eBay buyer doesn’t pay

Deepak Gupta January 23, 2022
Updated 2022/01/23 at 4:57 PM

Buying and selling items on eBay is usually easy. It’s the same with the numbers. However, it can happen that buyers back down and do not make the payment. But there is no point in getting angry about it, because the solution is simple. We’ll show you what to do if eBay buyer does not pay.

The eBay buyer doesn’t pay: You can do that

Normally, you auction your item to the person who bids the most. After that, the shipping price or something similar may be exchanged. However, payment must then be made within four calendar days of purchase. If this is not the case, you can proceed as follows:

#1 Send an invoice as a reminder

According to the service, if the eBay buyer does not pay, it is helpful to send them an invoice as a payment reminder. It works like this:

  • Select “My eBay” under “sold articles“ the relevant article.
  • Then click on “More options” and “bill” send.

However, this would only be worthwhile if you only occasionally auction items on eBay or have not yet set up the settings for items that have not yet been paid for. In general, eBay recommends canceling the purchase if more than four calendar days have passed.

#2 Cancel the purchase manually

It’s no wonder that eBay recommends canceling the purchase so early. This is because you have to adhere to a time frame so that your item can be relisted and you can recoup the eBay fee for the item. If you exceed this 30-day limit, you will get neither.

If the eBay buyer doesn’t pay, it’s worth canceling the purchase as early as possible. You can either do this via one of eBay’s websites or about that drop down menu with the option “Buyer has not paid” do.

By the way:

If everything went well, your item will then have been relisted on eBay. In addition, the service also removes previous ratings from the buyer. So you can start the auction from scratch.

Shop on eBay Icon Image, Credits; imago images / Hans Lucas

#3 Enable automatic setting for unpaid items

There is another handy feature that will help you if the eBay buyer doesn’t pay. You can activate the settings for items that have not yet been paid for. This means that unpaid purchases are automatically canceled after four calendar days. It’s definitely worth it, because with this setting, you can’t miss out on an unpaid purchase.

You can also adjust the settings so that your unpaid items are immediately relisted. This is also very practical, as you can quickly find new buyers.

Conclusion: eBay buyer does not pay? no problem

If the eBay buyer just won’t pay, there’s no need to worry. There are a few things you can do to recover your fee amount and relist your item.

Nevertheless, it can also happen that you simply want to withdraw an eBay bid. In this case, too, we know what to do. And if your eBay login doesn’t work, we’ll also tell you what you can do.

Source: eBay

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