You can now consult online unemployment benefit applications

Deepak Gupta July 22, 2022
Updated 2022/07/22 at 9:01 AM

Direct Social Security has a new feature available on its portal, which is part of Simplex 2022. From now on, citizens can consult their unemployment benefits online.

This feature is available in Social Security Direct.

A new functionality is available in Social Security Direct for consulting unemployment benefit requests. Thus, a Simplex 2022 measure is implemented, which allows citizens to consult the details of their requests related to unemployment protection.

Direct Social Security allows you to consult unemployment claims and obtain a declaration.

From now on you can consult orders and obtain a declaration.

The available information regarding the process allows you to consult:

  • The Installment – ​​List of installment periods, number of days and daily value
  • The value of the installment - List of monthly values
  • The Calculation – date and duration of receipt, with daily and monthly amounts
  • Documents – delivered to Social Security
  • Unemployment Data – information on termination of employment and employment, reasons for unemployment, NISS and Name of
  • Employer, date of registration at the Employment Centre.

This new functionality will also allow you to obtain a statement proving your unemployment benefit.

To access this service on Social Security Direct select the job menu and choose the Unemployment area unemployment benefit option.

You can now consult online unemployment benefit applications

Unemployment benefit is a “cash benefit granted to unemployed beneficiaries to compensate for the lack of remuneration caused by the involuntary loss of employment”, whose attribution depends on the fulfillment of a guarantee period, that is, the beneficiaries must have 360 ​​days of unemployment benefit. work for others with a record of earnings in the 24 months prior to the date of unemployment.

This benefit is equal to 65% of the reference remuneration (the average of the remuneration declared to Social Security in the 12 months preceding unemployment) with a minimum of 443.2 euros and a maximum of 1,108.00 euros. The duration of this support varies depending on the beneficiary's age and Social Security discounts.

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