You will be able to watch the Galaxy S22 launch event in the metaverse; see how

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 8, 2022
Updated 2022/02/08 at 3:18 PM

THE Samsung Unpacked this year is scheduled to take place this Wednesday (09), at 11:40 (Brasilia time). The event is expected to announce the latest and most updated versions of the brand’s high-end devices. Among this year’s novelties, the Samsung brought a new way of consuming the unpackedvia metaverse.

Spectators who prefer will be able to follow the 2022 event on the platform ‘Samsung 837X’hosted by decentral and. THE 837X is a Samsung virtual environment where people will have the opportunity to watch the Samsung Unpacked 2Das well as exploring New York City’s premier experience hub, collecting NFTs, and doing quests.

According to Samsung, to access the 837Xthe user must connect to the decentral and. Once connected, the avatar will be placed outside the 837X virtual building and then it will be possible to explore the environment that, according to the company, is constantly evolving and has been “designed to deliver cutting-edge metaversal interactions that fuse pop culture with Samsung’s spectacular innovations”.

ways to enter

There are two ways to participate in the environment ‘Samsung 837X’. The most complete experience, according to the Samsungit is through a registered account (to create access this link). Once registered and logged in, users can customize avatars, collect badges and earn exclusive usables. The company also recommends that users connect the wallet MetaMask (a crypto wallet and browser extension that allows you to create, explore and trade digital assets) for the full experience.

The other way to enter ‘Samsung 837X’ it’s as a guest. To do this, just access the same link and select the option ‘Guest’. Guests, however, will not be able to collect NFTs or wearablesbut it is possible to explore the environment and enjoy the shows.

Step by step from Samsung to access the 837X

  • Install MetaMask in Chrome
  1. With Chrome open, log into your Google account in the browser
  2. Click the Settings menu in Chrome (the three dots in the upper right corner)
  3. Click the Menu in the top left corner of Chrome next to “Extensions”
  4. Select “Open Chrome Web Store” at the bottom of the browser window on the left
  5. Search the Chrome Web Store for “MetaMask” and then “Use in Chrome” and you’re done
  • Configure MetaMask wallet
  1. After installation, click on the MetaMask extension and follow the instructions to continue
  2. Be sure to save the 12-word MetaMask password you received during registration. “IMPORTANT: Keep the password in a safe and secure place such as a safe or safe at home as it is necessary to access, use and trade your NFTs”highlights the Samsung
  3. Once your MetaMask wallet is set up in Chrome, you can log into Decentraland and log in
  • Get a Decentraland passport and avatar
  1. When visiting Decentraland for the first time, you will be guided through creating an avatar and passport to participate in Decentraland events. You will need to create your password using MetaMask.
  2. After creating your avatar and password and completing the Beginner Tutorial, you will be able to go to ‘Explore the World’ and teleport your avatar to the Decentraland Genesis Plaza. From there, you can check out Decentraland or teleport to the Samsung 837X experience from the link on the events page.

Other ways to follow

It will be possible to follow the Unpacked 2022 also through the Samsung official websiteofficial channel on YouTube, Facebook, reddit, Twitch, Amazon Live, TikTok and twitter. The event will still have coverage throughout the day here at Mundo Conectado.


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