You will soon be able to install third-party widgets on Windows 11 from the Microsoft store

Deepak Gupta April 16, 2022
Updated 2022/04/16 at 12:40 AM

Microsoft has been radically changing the image of Windows 11, with news in many areas. The vast majority focus on the taskbar and what it can offer users, having some important details.

One of the most important novelties is the additional information that widgets offer, integrating with Windows 11. This scenario may soon be extended, with new third-party widgets, which will arrive via the Microsoft store.

Although not new to Microsoft, widgets have been improved over time and in Windows 11. These information aids are able to help users and give them access to useful information at any time.

Microsoft has been looking to bring even more to this area and so has focused on what these widgets can offer. There are new sources of information and new ways to access it. Still, always controlled by the creator of Windows 11.

It is speculated that these widgets may soon be created by third parties, expanding the offer even further. A confirmation of this change has now emerged and has been published by the channel @FireCubeStudiosshowing that it will be a reality soon.

The confirmation appears to be in Microsoft's own code, which points to its distribution directly from the most obvious channel. These widgets will be available directly from the Microsoft app store, in order to be even more integrated with Windows 11 and to be simple and reliable to install.

By opening up the creation of these widgets to developers, Microsoft will end up winning a lot. These will expand the offer and bring much more information to users and to Windows 11 itself, thanks to everything that can be created in this space.

With a strong bet in this area, Microsoft wants to make Windows 11 even better. These widgets are the perfect complement to an ever-improving taskbar and a more complete and feature-packed start menu.

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