YouTube Music Trial Custom “Recommended Radios” Tab: Report

Deepak Gupta February 22, 2022
Updated 2022/02/22 at 12:19 AM

YouTube Music has started showing users a “Recommended Radios” tab in the mobile app. However, the new feature appears to be currently in testing and is only visible to a limited number of users. YouTube Music already has a radio feature that generates playlists based on individual songs. The new feature appears on the home screen and radio stations change with each feed update. When opening, the radio station in YouTube Music shows the playlist and has a description stating that the playlist is infinite.

The new “Recommended radios” tab has been reported on Reddit by u/Fuyou_lilienthal_yu, like identified by 9to5Google. The new tab appears on the home screen of the mobile apps, but users will have to scroll a bit to find it. The new YouTube Music tab shows 10 radio stations with cover art with radio waveforms in the background, plus a photo of the artist or album art and the YouTube Music logo in the top left corner. There can be up to three artists or album artwork on the radio station’s cover art.

Radio stations change repeatedly with each feed update. Essentially, this works similarly to Spotify’s radio playlists – music or artist – which are also refreshed every time they’re opened. YouTube Music radio stations can be named after an artist or genre. Sometimes they are also accompanied by the decade – 1990s, 2000s, 2010s or others. They can also have other descriptions like Deep Cuts, Popular, Downbeat, Familiar or others.

According to a screenshot shared by the publication, cover art from radio stations may also showcase other artists they feature. An example shared in the report mentions that one playlist – Pop Radio – Deep Cuts – features artists like Concorde, Vampire Weekend and Mr Little Jeans. When a user opens the radio station, it opens as a playlist – rather than autoplay – and has a description saying “Infinite music customized for you. Always updating”. Users will also have the option to “Add to Library” and download the playlist to their device.

According to the report, the YouTube music player update started rolling out to users last week, but it only hit a few. It is expected to have a wider rollout gradually. The new “Recommended Radios” tab has not appeared for Gadgets 360 at the time of writing.

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