YouTube releases update to highlight when creators are live

Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 12:30 AM

If you don’t “turn on the bell” to receive notifications when youtubers that you follow publish new videos, it’s pretty hard to know when they’re live, right? Perhaps on your home page you will see live (depending on the algorithm of course), or you need to open the subscriptions and check. Following the competition, the YouTube will create a live notice in the profile picture of content creators.

YouTube drinks water from Instagram and TikTok

The news was announced by Neal Mohan, head of product at YouTube, on twitter. Similar to the shortcut of creators doing Instagram live streaminga video platform will add a “filter” to the avatar of the youtubers. This filter will be a red circle with the word “LIVE” (“live” in English) that will pulse as the user scrolls through the feed of the YouTube man on the cellphone. This new functionality will help content creators to publicize their live broadcasts.

O TikTok also has a “filter” with an effect similar to that of the YouTube in the profile pictures of TikTokers. In case of Instagramyou content creators who are doing live broadcasts are also prioritized in the stories gives social network — using the same pulsating effect on your avatars, but with a colored circle around the photo, not a red one.

It was not disclosed if the update will also be made available for the desktop/web gives platform. Currently these versions of YouTube are highlighted with the phrase “LIVE NOW” (or “live now” if you use the YouTube in English).


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Via: 9to5 Google Source: The Verge

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