Zaragoza’s tourist offices receive 4,900 inquiries on the bridge and are close to the 2019 figures

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 9, 2021
Updated 2021/12/09 at 2:36 PM

The tourism offices of the Zaragoza City Council have received a total of 4,900 inquiries during this December bridge, approaching the 5,552 that were registered in 2019, the last year before the coronavirus pandemic. Although it still represents a 12% drop with the pre-Covid period, it almost quadruples the data from 2020, when the Community had significant restrictions on mobility. Of the total, 290 were inquiries from foreigners, similar to the 314 of 2019 and multiplying the thirteen of last year by one hundred.

Likewise, almost one in five consultations (19%) came from visitors from Catalonia, when in 2020 it was just 0.29%, while 18% came from Madrid and 13% from the city of Zaragoza itself. Furthermore, a third of international tourists came from Italy and 8% from France.

The average stay of the visitors has been two or three days (74%), and the main reason has been the monumental / cultural (89%). Among the information requested, monuments / museums (32%), general information about the city (24%) and tourist services (12%) stand out.

Travel services

During these days, various tourist services have been offered in which a total of 2,616 people have participated. 183 participants attended the routes with Tourist Informants (Old Town and Photo Walk through the Ribera). In addition, there have been other guided tours, such as the routes to the Basilica del Pilar and La Seo, visits to the Real Maestranza, Divertour, Guided Walks and Panoramic Visits, attended by a total of 327 participants.

Likewise, the Daytime Tourist Bus and Megabus services have been offered, registering a total of 1,563 travelers, growing 32% compared to 2019. During these days, 543 people have been able to enjoy the views of the Mirador de las Cuatro Culturas del Torreón de la Zuda, 1,911% more than in 2020.

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